Upgrade Li Huiyu to Ruida board

Related introduction
M2NanoDRV is a controller that can be connected to a stepper motor driver.
The board system can be connected with a stepper motor driver, so that a suitable driver can be selected according to the torque required by the plotter.
Note: M2NanoDRV is equipped with a suitable driver, which can drive 42 stepper motors, 57 stepper motors and so on!

The M2Nano motherboard integrates low-current X-axis and Y-axis stepper motor drives (the drive torque that can be provided is limited, and it cannot drive a heavier plotter)

Upgrade Li Huiyu board to Ruida board
Usually the motherboard of the customer’s engraving machine is M2Namo, without external driver, so the customer needs to purchase an external driver and switching power supply to upgrade the motherboard, usually the following is recommended:
Main control board X1 set [RDC6432 can be recommended]
Switching power supply X1pcs [CRS-150-24 switching power supply can be recommended for main board and motor drive power]
Two-phase stepper drive X2 pcs [Usually 42 (Nema17) motor recommends DM442 drive, 57 (Name23) motor DM542S drive].