New controller... Ruida?


I have a 1390 co2 laser (it is upgraded to 1300 x 1000) and my controller doesn t work and the fabricator of it don t give any help… so I m thinking upgrade the controller to Ruida… Can you tell me if it is possible, with this motors and drivers? will it be dificult for me to change all the wires? My big dificult is i don t know what those EMI filters are for…

Can you help me? and If it is possible to change, can you tell me what is the best ruida model? The 6445G will fit??

Best regards

Hello pjfortes
The controller has no need to recognize anything about the drivers and motors. ruida6445G can fit your machine well. You just need to buy new controllers and connect them correctly. Are you familiar with connecting controllers? Regarding the wiring, I can give you some pictures to make your operation better. Before connecting the motor, you need to remember the step length of X and y, it will be more convenient to read data from the old controller.
If you have other questions, please feel free to keep in touch. Have a nice day!

thanks for your reply!!
I never conect other controllers, but i think i can do it… the problem is I don ´t have the wiring diagrams of my controller, so I have to do it all comparing with the Ruida controller… Please tell me if the step length is this i show in picture…

I have acess to my old controller so i can see which parameters are there…

just bought from you a Ruida 6445G from Amazon… tomorrow i will receive it… can you send me those wiring pictures you said?

Thanks a lot

Of course, this is the user manual of ruida6445G, including wiring diagrams. It would be better if you buy it on the official website so that I can find your order information and solve any problems for you as quickly as possible.'s%20Manual%20of%20RDC6445G%20V1.0.pdf

With the photos you have taken and the pulse per mm numbers it will be a simple job everyone can help you with, to replace your controller with the Ruida.
The EMI filters can still be used as they are wired; they smooth the mains voltage.

So, already changed the controller to Ruida, got Axis working, limite switch working too, movements are ok, but i can t get the tube fire!!

Have the wires that comes from the valve of chiller to WP1 and GND,

IN - goes to PWM1
G - goes to GND
TL - goes to LON1

Can t have it working… Don t know why…
When i press the test Button on PSU it fires…
Can someone help me? Don t know what to do…