Some problems with the LiHuiYu main board

1.Li Huiyu main control board corresponds to the difference between red dog, yellow dog and blue dog.
Normal customers use the engraving function, and only use the LaserDRW software. Sales can match the yellow dog normally.
2.How to set the X and Y axis format size.

3.How to set the motor step.
The built-in driver of the Lihuiyu main control board (M2Nano) can only use a fixed step size (0.0254mm), corresponding to 1000DPI, and 1 inch contains 1000 steps, so the customer cannot set it in the software. The corresponding DRV model can be driven by an external motor. It is still necessary to adjust the DIP switch corresponding to the drive Pulse/Rev to match the fixed step length of 0.0254mm.
4.Mainboard ID.
The software will not automatically identify the motherboard ID number, you need to manually enter the new ID number to save.