Brand new rdc6445s and no movement

Hello Everyone, I just received my rdc6445s and wired up the controller to the driver board and configured the system per further fabrication settings. They issue I am facing is the system powers of fine but will not move any of the axis no matter what I have tried.

I have 3 stepper drivers and stepper motors. In the past I know some systems needs to be taken out of an triggered alert before movement is allowed (openbuilds black box).

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Does the controller power up ok with no error messages…?

If it’s configured to home, it should give you an error…

On the controller is a group of led that indicate if there is an internal fault. I think it’s number 13, but it’s on the silkscreen of the Ruida case…

This photo shows it for the water protection inputs.

Link is active if the hardware is connected via Ethernet.
Err should not be active

Run generally just flashes and 5V should be illuminated.

If it’s two phase motors then you should get conductivity between the same phase leads…



this is what the controller shows to me:

I have followed the setup from further fabrication and configured the device as he shows. Does the controller need the emergency button attached to work?

There appears to be no power supply connected to the motor driver board…


This is from the manual… it will run on 24 to 50V with a recommended 36V.


A pair of the motor drivers have different switch settings. Is that intentional?

Good luck