The maintenance of the laser tube at different temperatures

1.You need to replace the cooling water regularly when the laser tube working environment is above 10 degrees Celsius.Ensuring that the cooling water is clean and free of impurities.Do not replace the cooling water directly when there is large difference between the temperature of cooling water and the room,to avoid the laser tube is dewed and even cracked because of the large temperature difference.
2.When the working environment temperature is below 10 degrees,it’s not recommended to continue using the laser tube.If you need to insist on continuing to use the laser tube,then the high quality automobile speacial antifreeze(the main component is glycol) shall be diluted according to the ratio of 1:1 to replace the cooling water.Please replace it regularly if you have used the antifreeze as coolant.Ensuring that the level of the liquid is higher than the pump and there is no conductive impurities.If possible,you can add brand fiber laser special antifreeze(more expensive).Return the antifreeze to the pure water when the weather temperature rises.