Combined beam laser related maintenance

The DLT series combination laser has been upgraded to DLT-220/DLT-300/DLT-70Z
Maintenance and protection of combined beam laser can improve the service life effectively.
1.Distilled water or deionized is required for cooling water,and the temperature is required to be between 20 ℃ and 30℃.Regular replacement is required to ensure that the cooling water is free of impurities and scaling ,and the room tempreature should be 15-32℃。
2.The working cuttent is required to be between 15-38mA,and the recommended working current is 30mA.Engraving is strictly prohibited.
3.Continuous working hours shall not exceed 12 hours.
4.The high voltage power supply must be suspended and must not contact with any conductive objects.
5.The shell of medium and high voltage power supply must be strictly grounded.
6.It is strictly prohibited to cut the high reflection material of the laser band.
7.The power within the bundle warranty period is not less than 75% of the related power,which is considered normal.
8.It is recommended to use a industrial chiller with refrigeration function,lift 25mm,flow 16L/min,cooling capacity 3KW,10236BTU/h.
9.It is recommened to use II-VI silicon mirror with diamater of 30mm and zinc selenide focusing mirror with diameter of 25.4mm.

Check whether the cooling water fills the area to be cooled.
Before the laser machine is energized,the industrial chiller should be turned on first,and the water should be filled for 2-3 minutes.By pinching the water pipe,it is determined that the water flow is normal and there is no bubble flowing out of the water outlet.At this time,it is proved that the coolant in the working area is full.

Industrial chiller temperature continuously rising,possible causes and solutions.
1.The cooling capacity of the chiller is too small:please replace the chiller with a lager power.
2.Bad ventilation around the chiller:please move the chiller to a well-ventilated position.
3.Condenser pollution:please clean the conderser or replace the conderser.
4.Insufficient coolant:please add enough coolant.
5.Coolant pollution:please replace the coolant.

Water cooling maintenance in winter.
1.The CO2 laser is recommended to work in a water-cooled environment of 25℃-35℃.
2.When the ambient temperature is lower than 10℃,please stop the laser tube.
3.When the working temperature is lower than 0℃,please empty the cooling water in the water-cooled jacket of the laser tube and the water-cooled box.
4.Replace the cooling water regularly.When the temperature of the cooling water is lower than room temperature,it is not allowed to be replaced directly.
5.It is not recommended to continue to use laser tube when the temperature of the working environment fails to meet the use requirements.
6.If you have used antifreeze as coolant,please replace it regularly to ensure that the liquid level is higher than the pump and there is no conductive impurities.Change to conventional cooling immediately after the temperature rises.