What is the water temperature that should not be exceeded for a CO2 laser tube?

Question: What is the water temperature that should not be exceeded for a CO2 laser tube?

Situation: I live in Central America where temperatures during our hottest months can reach 40 C with a humidity of 80%. My laser room has air conditioning, and I can bring the room temperature down to 26 C during those days and the air conditioner will pull the dewpoint down to a much lower level but, if I’m running the extractor fans, the replacement air is going to pull the room temperature back up. With fans on, I could probably keep the room at 30 C or there abouts.

The chiller is in intelligent mode and will hold the coolant water at about 1 to 2 degrees above ambient room temperature so the tube might be seeing somewhere between 28 and 32.

I recently had to replace a tube which may have failed due to high temperature, but it also could have been overpowered.

Do you understand my problem? It’s not an easy one. Any recommendations / ideas?

Machine is a DIY 80 watt.

According to your description, the tube could not have problems due to water cooling or room temperature.
The room temperature 28-32 is fine.

Many of the manufacturers suggest 18 → 22C coolant. I live in the desert SW of the US… we’ve seen temps approaching 50C during summer. Of course, it’s a dry heat …

Probably should invest in a refrigerated chiller.

I am not a Cloud Ray person, just own a few lasers and have a fiber from them.

Good luck


Thanks for the response. I have a refrigerated chiller and am targeting 20 to 22. To reach that without condensation issues, I have to pull the room down to that temperature with air conditioning. That can be a difficult during our hot months.

Completely understand …

Good luck with whatever you decide to do…