Homing vs. Autofocus

I have a Omtech Polar laser cutter that uses the RDC6442S (panel added to it). I’ve been attempting to add an autofocus switch. I was able to wire up the switch to a z-axis limit, set the polarity, and get it to work as expected when I press run the ‘Autofocus’ command from the panel.

However, now, when I turn on the device, it autofocuses the z-axis down instead of homing the z-axis upwards. If I disable homing (via lightburn machine settings) for z-axis, the whole axis is disabled (including autofocus).

Is it possible to have the startup homing use a different limit switch & polarity than the autofocus command? Or is it possible to disable startup homing but still keep the z-axis & autofocus on?