Upgrading a FS P20X12 with RDC6585G

Hey, I am running into some problems with getting the laser head to home, and also to set the origin, and actually have it go to the origin. So when I power the laser on, the Ruida is not moving the head to any home position. My limit switches are in the top right corner of the bed. They work, as if I hit either it will make me press escape to move the head again. I can go to function set and move the head to the upper right hand corner and then reset the XY axes and it will do it, so that I get a 0,0 position, but then the laser head does not move from that upper right hand corner, meaning it wants to jog R and Up from that already maxed out R and Up position. The position of my Full Spectrum with the old board was top right, where my limit switches are. Also if I power the machine off after setting the home position with the function set menu, the Ruida will not remember the setting I entered. It will default to an XY position of 10,000,10,000 Can someone please help me?

Did this ever work?

If the machine fails to home, it will show maximum X and Y coordinates. The 10,000 numbers are the maximums.

Does the head move any direction on power up?

Is this a replacement controller from the original?