Hard limit prot. Error

Hi everyone, I have purchased a used Chinese laser recently and it has had one of its limit switches removed. Probably removed because it was broken. So I purchased a new proximity switch and replaced it. Now when I home the machine it slides to the right and when it activates the switch it just stops and gives me the error, hard limit prot. It doesn’t home to the back right like it should. What am I doing wrong here? Please help.

Please check the relevant wiring in the X-axis direction, I suspect that the wiring is reversed

Thank you Polaris, I think I have it fixed for now but will probably need more assistance in the near future.

These threads are not of much use to others hunting for a solution if the action taken for fix isn’t noted.

Just saying it’s fixed is no help for others with similar issues.

The Ruida has two sets of possible switches. Most have a pair of home switches (- inputs) that are used only for homing of the machine at power up or reset. The other switches are limit switches. These go to the + marked inputs. These are rarely used in most of these machines as you actually lose real estate from the working area.

Red are home switches and green are limit switches…


Sorry for not explaining how I fixed the situation, but is was at the suggestion tha I go into the machine settings in LightBurn that I found that the x limit- and the y limit- were not set to yes. Thank you all for the help as I am Farley new to engraving.