The Laser of DT280/300

1.The main parameters of laser:
Laser output power:50~280W/50~300W
Laser size:length width height=1850 265 144mm
Laser power supply:length
80mm(single,two for actual use)
Weight:10 kg(two set)
DLT280/300 Laser is specially equipped with high voltage power supply(including two interchangeable power supply),which can provide DC 0~40mA,10kV~30kV DC high voltage power supply respectively.
2.Installation Notes:
A)Front and rear end supports serve as mounting supports and can be tightened with your device.(If possible,the laser output head is 2cm higher than the horizontal plane,so as to ensure the full cooling water in the process of use)
B)The industrial chiller and the laser power supply are well grounded.
C)The cooling water nozzle of the laser is connected with the outlet water and the backwater of the industrial chiller according to the inlet and outlet water direction,and there are obvious marks on the laser.Please follow the instructions to the connect correctly.
D)Connect the laser power supply to the laser with a special cable(CZ
connection cable).CZ connection cable is in the form of one line and two line.There are three ends.One of the three ends is big(10 pins),the other one are two small(5 pins).There are 3 aviation plugs.The 10-pin aviation plug is tightly connection with the laser,and the 5-pin aviation plug is tightly connected with the laser power supply respectively.
E)Collect the high voltage output end of YL-HSP200 laser power supply with the high voltage terminals of the laser tube closely.