What is the correct way to install the NO3 nozzle with 38.1mm lens

I am removing the OMTECH OEM laser head assy. and replacing it with a Russ Sadler lightweight head and “C” series lens tube. The one thing I’m unsure of is how the NO3 nozzle Model A combo set is installed. I understand how all the 20mm lenses go in, depending on focal length, but the D18 FL38.1mm Meniscus lens sits, in a recess on top of the nozzle, not down inside the tube where you can use a collar to hold it in place. My guess is that you screw a collar part way into the tube first, then an O-ring and finally the nozzle with the lens perched on top. There aren’t any pictures (or videos) showing the correct way to do it. Perhaps someone can let me know if I’m on the right track. This is all new to me, so I was hoping for a bit of guidance.

See if this helps at all…

I have a few of the Sadler items on my machine…

Take your time installing this stuff…think it out before you start…

Good luck


Thanks for chiming in Jack, the image shown on the Cloudray page for the NO3 nozzle Model A combo set is:

so I asked Cloudray how it’s held in place on this nozzle, and their answer was to drop an O-ring in the lens tube, then the lens, followed by the locking collar and finally the nozzle. The problem I have is that it’s a D18 FL38.1mm Meniscus lens in a 20mm tube, and even if I got it to stay put, the focus point would be up inside the NO3 nozzle. If I used an NO1F nozzle I could get about 5mm or so between the nozzle and workpiece, so that might work. The point I was trying to make with Cloudray is that they sell this lens/nozzle combo with the implication that they are used together. At the end of video 158 Russ gave the solution I was looking for. He put in a locking collar (just far enough), an O-ring and then screws in the nozzle and lens until it snugs up against the O-ring. I’ve got the compound lens kit on order, and I understand how that works (thank you for the diagram) it was the picture Cloudray provided that had me confused, I think Russ has that sorted. Cloudray finally emailed me back and said “put the locking collar in first”, so I think I have a handle on this.

I was once a satisfied omtech user, but my machine failed prematurely, and attempts to get assistance from customer service have been nonsense. I switched from Omtech to Monport, and I’m never going back. Monport’s quality is unmatched!

Sorry to hear that. I’ve owned two, a 50W, and currently running a ZF2028-60 which works like a champ. The couple of times I needed to contact customer service they were very helpful. Out of curiosity, how long did you have it, and what happened to your machine?