Installing E-Series Laser Head . . . and 1.5 lens

I purchased a red CloudRay E Series laser head (through AliBaba) to replace the stock unit on my red-and-black Chinese 80W laser.

It looks like the installation should be fairly simple, but I wonder if there are any instructions, tips, or tricks for installing and alignment.

ALSO: I want to purchase a 1.5inch (38.1mm) lens. I believe all of the other lenses are supposed to be 20 mm to fit into the tube – but I think I heard somewhere that a 38.1 mm lens simply goes in behind the nozzle and is only 18 mm.

Does that sound right?

Hi JBrondos,
The design of our laser head is very easy to install. You don’t need to use any skills, just plug the inner tube into the outer tube. As for the appropriate height, there will be two grooves to give you tips. The lenses supported by our E series laser head are shown in the figure below

The supported lens sizes and focal lengths are as follows

What I meant was, how do I attach / install it to my laser cutter?

How do I remove the old laser head and replace it with the new laser head?

Are there some parts that I do not need?

Any suggestions for alignment?

If I get a 38.1mm 1.5-inch lens, where do I install it in the tube? Do I put it just above the nozzle?

If I put it just above the nozzle, do I need a 18mm diameter lens – or a 20mm diameter lens?

I know that the other lenses are 20mm – but I heard that the 38.1mm lens should be 18mm. Is that true?

I bought an extra tube for the laser head so that I can just switch tubes (with different lenses), instead of having to dissemble the tube to put in a different lens.

However, the tube I bought does not fit all the way into the E-series laser head. Is it possible that I got a C-series tube instead of an E-series tube? Are they different by just a little bit?

Hi JBrondos,
Sorry for the late reply
C, E series have different fastening methods.
The picture below shows the fastening method of C series:

The picture below shows the fastening method of E series:

Regarding the size of the lens, 18 and 20 are both possible.
As the following picture shows:

When you unscrew the nozzle, you can remove the locking ring in the lens barrel.
The size 18 lens is installed in the white part, and the 20 lens is installed with the white part removed. So both 18 and 20 lenses can be used.

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