Clarification for Upgrading Lens on 60W

I have a 60W Omtech that doesn’t like to cut through 3mm at a decent speed, let alone 6mm. Most of the project I’d like to make require 6mm. How much of a difference would upgrading my lens to the 101 mm Cloudray CO2 Laser USA CVD ZnSe Meniscus Focus Lens help with that? Do I need to purchase anything else to use the lens or can I simply swap out my new one for the old one? I know about upgrading my air assist but I just don’t have the funds.

Slower speed and stronger air assist. If it has been difficult to cut 3mm, clean your lens and check the laser tube.

I cut 6mm acrylic with my 40W tube, you should slice through 6mm mdf with that machine no problem…

  1. properly working tube
  2. clean and aligned optics
  3. proper focus

If you have these three it will work as expected, so one or more of them is questionable.

@lucas is correct in that a good alignment is probably the answer…

A good alignment should include a test at mirror 1 (m1) to check the machines TEM state or resonance.

If it is not TEM0 state, you tube has gone south…

Good luck