Compound lens

Omtech 60W Ruida 6442 Mac mini M1

Simple question! I just received my Cloudray Compound Engraving Nozzle set 18mm. Focus lens are in two different colors. 38. is light yellow, 63. is more orange. Am I correct?

Certainly seems there would be some simple instructions for installing this unit inside the box. ???
The 38. has less curvature than the 63. Is that also correct?


Forgot a question I have. Does this combination lens set work best for engraving? Cutting? Or both?

Hi Freg,
The color is no problem.
As for the installation,Here is a schematic diagram.

Put in the biconvex lens first, then the plano-convex lens. Note that both are convex upwards.

Curvature is used to describe the amount of curvature of a curve. The greater the curvature, the greater the degree of curvature of the curve. The focal length of the lens of 38. is smaller than that of 63., so the degree of light bending should be greater. In summary, the curvature of the 38. lens is greater than that of the 63. lens.

As for this lens combination, it has a similar effect on engraving and cutting.

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Educate me please - why two lenses at same time? I would think 38 OR 63, but not both.

Hello, Bsmith. 38.1 and 63.5 are used together to make the light spot smaller and make the cutting surface smoother