Help selecting the correct tube and nozzle


Good Day

This is my laser head.
Need to replace with the E-series,

I only want the laser tube and new nozzle. Don’t need the complete set.

Can you please help me to select the correct short nozzle compatible with my old laser head. I need the FL 38.1mm lens to fit D20

Hello, in order to better solve your problem, I need to know how many watts your old laser head is.what material you are cutting, and what is the thickness of this material, I can recommend one for you.
In addition, I will attach the purchase link of the FL 38.1mm lens

What are your requirements for cutting? I also have an E series, I use their NO3, which can be equipped with FL38.1 focusing lens.

Hi Good to hear from you
Thanks for the reply

I just bought the complete head set. My main aim is to engrave on granite stone.



I already have all 4 type of lenses. I decided to get the complete head set E-series.