The MAX 50W fiber laser does not emit light

1.Problem description:The MAX 50W fiber laser does not emit light. What is the reason? At present, the green LED light of the device is on and the power is on, and the red LED indicator is on.
2.Analysis:"(1) Check whether the laser power supply wiring is correct (whether +24V and GND are connected reversely, and whether the ground wire is grounded);
(2) Check whether the emergency stop switch of the equipment is normal, the signal is high when the laser is working normally;
(3) Check whether the power supply of the laser is normal, in the state of no load and load (with the laser connected)
Test whether the power supply meets the actual power supply requirements;
(4) Whether the software settings are correct;
(5) Whether the DB25 serial port wiring is correctly wired according to the wiring definition;
(6) Whether Pin18 and Pin19 signals are normal;
(7) Whether the power supply of the marking card is normal, and whether the signal of the control laser is normal (please refer to 5.2 DB25 control interface pin function);
(8) Instruct whether the light signal is in a low level state in the marking state. If it is in the marking state,
The signal of guiding light is low level (Pin22 pin is ‘0’ level), if the signal of guiding light is high level (‘1’ level)
At this time, the laser is the priority to output the guiding light. "