No laser on my Em-Smart

EM-Smart received this morning. After 2 minutes of good testing, the laser no longer marks. EZCAD works as if the marking was done. The laser makes the engraving delimitation (F1), operational red light. I run the marking which is taken into account by EZCAD but on the other hand, nothing happens on the machine.
Pulse power on 50 %, speed 1500 or 2000
I try on a second laptop, new install and it’s same incident. No shoot.

1.Please check if your driver is installed correctly。
2.Is your EZcard configured as shown in the figure below?


Driver is good.

See pictures (driver and parameters)

My version of EZCAD is different your. Laser choice is in grey but fiber is on !

I’m afraid galvanomet have a failure.

HELP !!!

Hello, we have sent you an email, please check.If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.