Fiber laser stopped firing

Hello, my 50w fiber laser stopped firing in the middle of a project.

I tried turning everything off and running some tests, but it still will not fire.

The fan is running when I turn the laser switch on, and everything else seems fine, but it’s not marking.

The machine is less than a year old.

Your problem description is rather general, I can only give a rough guess for you refer.
The following situations may exist:

  1. Laser power supply
  2. The galvanometer, you can check the power supply of the galvanometer by the way
  3. Whether the output signal of the control card is normal

I am having the same problem. It was just working fine then my red dot framing stopped working but it was still engraving then laser stopped working as well. The chaise cooling fan and fans on my laser source are running but the fan on my 24v power supply is not running. When I checked my voltage on my 24v power supply I was getting 24.1 Volts. Not sure what to check now???