Raycus 50 watt shut off- no power

I was running today working on Slate coasters- 1/2 way through job, Laser shut off- no fans or power. Focus beams are on though… Is there a fuse or fix I can use? Jobs are piling up! Of course this happens on Sunday!

It is recommended that you open the case first and check whether the power indicator is still on. If the power fails, please contact the after-sales customer service to help you deal with it.

I just saw this, thank you. Is there a light inside on the power supply?

How do you get in touch with the After sales Customer service, btw?

Ok, top photo 2 green solid lite on left boxes
2nd photo Red flashing lite
3rd solid green lite on top
4th Reference photo for me
Sending in following posts.
Looking forward to your opinion,
Thanks, Mike

This red light blinks

This light is green

These lights are solid green
Please advise- I am stuck in a job now with no machine.
Maine USA 207-432-4492

Did anybody get / see this???

If this is for support you need to address it to them in the original message.

It looks like all the supplies have power (all have a green light on them). Some of these supplies have different voltages… I’d check that next with a voltmeter…

Unfortunately I’m not technically up on these machines myself so I can only suggest the most obvious.

Good luck