The laser tube does not emit light

1.Possible cause anlysis of failure:

:camera: Check whether the water protection is broken and whether the water circulating normally.Let the water circulate normally.If the water protection is broken,it can be used in short connection with water ptotection.

:camera: Spot,and see whether the ammeter swings.If not swing,use a multimeter to measure whether the laser power supply is 220V into the electricity.If there is no voltage may be power failure.If the light is emitted,the potentiometer is broken.

:camera: Short-connect +5V and IN to check the maximum output power.If the light is emitted,the potentiometer is broken.

:camera: If the program is running but no light,use the mutilmeter to mesure whether the DC voltage between the terminal 1 and the terminal 6(5),the terminal H and terminal L is above 3V.If there is,the board is normal,otherwise there are some problems with the singal of the board.

2.Solution:Ret the parameters.

took about 6 attempts to cut, hatch out, soldering