Ruida main control board FAQ

I.The device does not emit light

  1. Check whether the water protection is broken, whether the water circulates normally, and let the water circulate normally. If the water protection is broken, you can short-circuit the water protection and use it.
  2. Point the shot to see if the ammeter is swinging. If it does not swing, use a multimeter to check whether the laser power supply is powered by 220V. If there is no light, the power supply may be faulty and need to be replaced.
  3. Short-circuit +5V and AIN to check the maximum output power. If light is emitted, the potentiometer is broken.
  4. If the program does not emit light, check whether H and L and the board’s 1, 6 (5) have DC
  5. If the voltage is above 3V, the board card is normal, if not, the card signal is faulty.

II.Sound when the z-axis rises and falls

  1. Check whether the step and format of Z axis are adjusted well.
  2. Z-axis drive problem [increase or reduce the power of the Z-axis drive (current subdivision)]

III.Ethernet and USB cannot be connected to the computer

  1. Check if there is a driver installed, and install the correct USB driver.
  2. Check whether the correct IP address is set.
  3. Whether there is a problem with the computer port, change the COM port or USB port or change the computer.
  4. Check if the cable is well connected, if there are any broken marks, and change the USB cable
  5. Check whether the “device port” at the bottom right corner of the software is correct (USB and network), the port does not correspond, change the port again (for example, change COM5 to COM3)

IV.633X main control board IP settings Ethernet connection
Change the IP protocol in the local connection of the computer to “192.168.1.?” (? is any number from 1-49), then change the panel to Ethernet, and change the software port to Ethernet (the panel IP must be the same as the software IP same)

V.Scanning appears ghosting, adjust the backlash
Draw a 20X20 box, and the scan interval should be 1 in the scan parameters. Adjust the light power and start scanning. Use a ruler to measure the scanned line, (left + right -), fill in the software setting of the measured number-check the scan (backlash) in the general setting, and add it.

VI.Set the Z-axis step
Panel jog setting 100 (theoretical length), press Z- to see how much it drops, measure the actual length and fill in the calculated motor step distance: theoretical length and theoretical length. (Same for setting X/Y axis step distance).

VII.The cutting pattern is not closed
The take-off speed and acceleration are too high, adjust the take-off speed and acceleration down
The processing speed is too high, the processing speed is reduced
There is a backlash, adjust the backlash

VIII.When power-on reset, the X-axis stops after hitting the limit switch, while the Y-axis is still running very slowly at the origin.
Reset the polarity, the polarity of the Y-axis direction may be reversed.