Settings for D100 Rotary & DM860S

What are the correct dip switch settings on the DM860S controller when using the D100 Rotary? What’s the voltage supposed to be? What’s the correct Steps per Rotation setting?

You can look at the information on the back of the driver.
20 - 80 VAC / 24 – 100VDC.
And the correct Steps suggested are 12800.

I purchased an MP-60 JPT MOPA from you, arrived on Feb 1. When I use the D80 rotary, it does not rotate one complete turn and back with the Lightburn test button.

The machine has a warranty sticker over the screws, so I can’t remove the case and examine the motor driver for the correct settings…

Can you give me the settings?

Or authorize the violation of the warranty security sticker…?



You just need to set “pulse/rev” as 12800 in rotary setting,that’s all.

Thanks… It wasn’t set to that value that I recall… I’ll try it

I fudged it around and 13000 was closer than it was shipped with… but still not right.

You should set these up before shipping … I use Lightburn and not EZCad (Ubuntu Linux) and imported the values from the EZCad2 markcfg7 file I believe.


I’m sorry, the technicians installed Ezcad2 by default when debugging the machine.
Can you share a screenshot of your parameters?