Rotary Issues

I have a 60w mopa Cloudray machine and a d80 rotary, and i recently started to use the rotary to engrave tumblers and it worked great with my 110mm lens, but when i switched to my 300mm lens, it started doing weird stuff. Now when I frame something up with the rotary enabled, it frames it several inches lower than where i have it in Lightburn. It doesn’t seem to matter where I have the graphic framed up in Lightburn, it always engraves way at the bottom of the work area. Any help is much appreciated

This picture is where it is engraving, the red laser on my hand.

This picture is how I have it framed in Lightburn, centered on the tumbler.

By the way, when you change the lens from 110 to 300, have you calibrated the work area?

I got it figured out, there is a setting for output center in the rotary framing window, i just adjusted that and it fixed it.