Upgrade to LMC-V4 how to please

Does anyone know where to find a tutorial on how to upgrade a 30 watt fiber split laser controller to an LMC-V4 controller? Also, do I need a different power supply with this upgrade? Thank you

I don’t remember what number is which on these controllers…

This is a video by Laser Everything that shows how to swap from the 3d (Ezcad3) version to a Lightburn compatible 2d (Ezcad2) version.

Hope it’s what you want. I’m sure you can reverse the process.

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That doesn’t help me. I am trying to buy an LMCV4 controller board for my fiber. If you have one to sell, please let me know and send specs. and price, thank you, Robert Brown

Nothing here about wanting to purchase one…

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LMCV4-FIBER-M(1).pdf (174.8 KB)
Hi there. LMCV4 uses 5V switching power supply, other port definitions you can read this manual.

Any documentation on the Galvo head on my Cloud Ray MP60 JPT MOPA fiber laser…?

I’d like to read the specifications on it…



The official did not give detailed documentation about this galvanometer. However, some basic parameters are placed on the product details page of Cloudray official website.

Thanks… It answers a couple questions…