Idle light problem

One, parameter setting check
I. Laser on delay and laser off delay;

2. Low-level light emission and high-level light emission;

II.The inspection of external accessories

  1. The wiring between the power supply and the controller is incorrect (check and verify)
    Usually when using a glass tube, the main board chooses L-ON switch to connect to the TL terminal of the power supply; the main board power control L-AN is connected to the power supply IN; the main board GND is connected to the power supply GND; the main board or the power water protection WP and GND can be short-circuited.
  2. The power supply light signal problem (if there is a backup power supply, it can be replaced for troubleshooting)
  3. The controller’s light signal problem (connect the laser plug CN5 to CN6 to determine if there is a problem with the port)
  4. Laser tube problem (can only be checked by replacement)