RDC6445G panel pulse and software processing does not emit light

Problem phenomenon: Press the test button at the power end, there is a laser, but there is no laser in the pulse and software processing of the control panel.

  1. Check whether there is a problem with the wiring between the motherboard and the power supply
    Main board and power connection: L-ON connects to TL (low level switch) or TH (high level switch); L-AN connects to IN; GND connects to G;
  2. If there is no water connection protection, P and G of the power supply need to be short-circuited; WP and GND of the main board need to be short-circuited.
  3. In the settings of the software manufacturer, the cover protection (Protect) and water protection (water protect) need to be cancelled.
  4. Check whether the software layer is set with appropriate power and energy.
  5. Finally, consider motherboard control signals or hardware issues.