Ruida 6445S controller will not boot

I’ve just installed a new Ruida RDC6445S on my 90W laser and am having issues. It seemed to go ok, but now I’m a little stuck and not sure where to turn. The LCD turns on but stays stuck on the boot screen.

When I turn the power on it starts to home, but doesn’t stop if the limit/home switches are hit and doesn’t respond to button presses (like Esc or Stop) or get past that boot screen. RDWorks will not connect, though Device Manager sees it connected on COM3. I have run RDWorks USB driver install.

I’m using a usb cable, windows 11, RDWorks, Lightburn 1.4. I have another set of hardware (for a second laser) so I’ve tried 2 controllers, 2 LCDs, 2 cables, etc. No change. Someone suggested doing a firmware update, but it seems that I’d need to connect for that to happen. I guess I could have 2 bad boards, but that seems unlikely. What am I missing?

The content expressed in the picture cannot be connected–the link problem between the panel and the control panel.

“but doesn’t stop if the limit”, It should be due to the collision of the machine movement, failing the limit switch. You also need to check your settings about enabling home