Ruida 6442S issues

Hi, I have a Ruida 6442S controller and board.
And everything have been working great for about 3 years.
Now I upgraded RDworks v.8.01.10 to v.8.01.60 and now the head won’t move anymore.
If I draw a square in RDworks and the laser head stands on the top left corner and then I press send/play
the head moves to the top right corner and stops.
It dosen’t move at all.
If I press stop it goes back to start position ( top left corner of the square )

I thought it could be a USB driver issue but no.
I reinstalled windows 10 on a brand new HDD just to be sure that I start from scratch.

And I reinstalled RDworks the first version I had just to see if it starts.
But it moved just like before and stops.

I don’t know but how can you se if your Ruida motherboard is damage?
It connects perfectly to RDworks.
And if I use the “Frame” button on the controller the head will move in a square like it should.

Now I don’t know how to solve this.
Can someone please help me, I will grateful for all help.


Can you provide a video?