Fiber Laser Tumblers

Hi Again, Im using the Cloudray 50w fiber with EzCad2 LITE softw

are which came with the unit. Im using my rotary and trying to do a powder coated tumbler. I have everything somewhat dialed except fine tuning settings. Ive made multiple passes with different speeds, power, frequency, hatching and line distance with no great results. The rotary works and turns great and the laser fires as it should. Ive attached a few pics to show what I’m getting. Ive also scrubbed with all the recommended cleaners but they still look horrible.

You can try the following methods:

  1. Change the filling angle
  2. Re-confirm the size of the workpiece
  3. Modify Axis step, usually set to 0.5 or 1

Try taking laser out of focus 5 mm