No Marking on Rotary

Hi, I’m using a 60watt MOPA, everything works excellent on standard flat cutting but I just set it up for the first time today to do rotary engraving, followed the instructions in the manual, and also referenced Laser Everything’s video on setting up a rotary. I get everything lighting up and rotating properly but when I go to ‘Mark’, I see the beam hitting my tumbler but no cutting.

If I close out of the rotary window, place an aluminum sheet on top of the tumbler, and hit ‘mark’ to mark it normally without rotary, it works just fine.

I’ve tried the basics, powering on/off, quitting and reopening ezcad2, and it’s the same every time, standard marking works but rotary does not.


I have the MP60 Pro as well. I am having the same issues with the rotary. Right now I am using it as a glorified chuck. The rotary is setup correctly and spins as it should during the initial test. But when I got to burn it steps through like you expect but doesn’t burn…
If I disable the rotary and burn fixed, it works just fine.
I currently have a open ticket with the Cloud ray team to resolve this ticket. Unfortunately the laser is at work and the time their Tech is available is after 9pm EST for me so we are exchanging emails daily.

when you use the rotary engraving, Did you readjust the focus length?

Sounds like we’re both in the same boat; I also emailed tech support but they have yet to get back to me… if you get it figured out please let me know :pray:

And yes, my focus is set to the top of the round piece ie if I place flat stock on top of my round piece it engraves perfectly fine. My focal length value is also input correctly in the rotary window

I have the QS-50 LiteMarker Pro 50W Split Laser, and we are experiencing the same issue. Has there been any update on this?