Qualify Inspection Process

1.The machine appearance
a.Check the appearance cleanliness,without paint damage and obvious welding marks.
b.Check whether the machine door cover is working normally.
2.Random accessories
a.Check whether the random accessories are complete(chiller,water pipe,fan,exhaust pipe,clamp,air pump,air pipe,operation manual,software CD and power supply cable).
b.Check whether the laser tube is damaged or not,and whether the inside is cracked.
3.Internal inspection
a.Check the focusing mirror and the retroreflector for obvious scratches and cracks.
b.Check whether the motor and synchronous belt assembly is loose or too light.
c.Check the straightness and levelness of single guide and the parallelism of two guides.
d.All fasteners should be as tight as they should be.
e.The circuit board wiring has no naked leakage,loose or other conditions.
f.Check whether the workbench is smooth and level.
4.Current detection
a.Check whether the control board is displayed normally and the keys are operated normally
b.Check the linkage of each axis,whether the data transmission is normal and whether the acceleration and deceleration of large and small lathes are nomal.
d.Check whether there is engraving sweep clearance and cut closed clearance.
e.Check whether water,gas and smoke path are unimpeded.
f.Check the power of laser can be adjustable between 30% to 100%.
g.Check whether the optical path is offest.
5.Work to detect
a.After loading the file,check whether it’s carved or cutting normally.
b.Check whether the current reguation is normally available when working.
c.Check whether the emergency switch stops normally when working.
d.Check whether the open cover protection and water protection are normal when working.