Printing direction seems wrong...I'm new...please help :-)

Hi all,

I just unpacked our brand new Cloudray QS-30.

I’m brand new at this so apologies if I am missing something simple. I’ve done a few test prints and the printing orientation seems reversed. When I watch tutorials on YouTube it only reinforces my concern.

If I type out TEXT on EZCAD in a standard left to right orientation or lets say from West to East, it prints backwards (i.e. TXET) and it prints it from North to South.

Similarly, when I try to follow any of the rotary setup guide videos where they start by drawing a straight left to right line which they then use the Light feature to alight to a rod to, my line is North South not East West as in the videos.

Please tell me I am being an idiot and there is a check box I need to check, or uncheck to make it all better, and where I can find it!



Hey Pete, did you get it figured out?

In a way, yes. I downloaded LightBurn and that solved me issue. I am assuming the EZCAD2 version I was using prior had the start point reference set incorrectly for my setup. Like I mentioned in my post, I am new to all this so I’m learning as I go!

Thanks for your reply.


In the Device settings in Lightburn you can chose which axes is which, along with the ability to invert them.

Usually just switching to the other axes corrects the issue.

Have fun