Not Marking

I have MP-30 LiteMarker 30W Split Laser Engraver… I have EZCAD 2 and have installed the driver just fine. I have adjusted the focus. I have used the EZCAD 2 that was shipped with the laser.

1, Check if all buttons are turned on
2. Check whether the driver is connected correctly
3. Check parameter settings, output or fill
4. Turn the rotary wheel up and down to check whether there is laser emission

yes… buttons on cap off. I installed straight from the thumb drive that came with the laser. Using EZcad2 that came with it.

I think the problem is a loose wire from shipping. After some tinkering it was working yesterday just fine. Today with out changing settings it was back to not working… Just a red light and no marking. I shut off the laser and then the controller. Then I wiggled the black tube going to the laser and turned the controller then laser back on and it started working again. I am not sure if I should open it up and check connections… Would that void a warranty? I emailed cloudray and asked what to do.

I have the same problem! All seems to okay, but no power when trying to mark…frustrating.

Looks like the wire is broken, contact the official for support.

Hi, has the after-sales team stepped in?

All sorted by remote this morning.