Laser head wandering left

Hello, I wanted to ask for some help with our Epilog Legend EXT36 laser. I have been trying to track down the problem for a couple of weeks now so it’s starting to cut into our business productivity. The problem is that the laser head walks to the left while vector cutting or rastering. At this point it is not walking off as much during vector cutting but when rastering at medium to fast speed the laser head walks left every swing by a lot. The home position is also to the left of where it initially was when the project was started. How far to the left seems to depend how long I let the project run. I did find out that there was an x-axis idler that had a blown-out bearing. I replaced that last. The problem was worse before changing that. I have also replaced the x-axis drive belt, the x-axis flex cable as well as the Beam F. flex cable, the carriage head encoder reader, and the encoder strip. The gantry is straight and the drive belt has been tightened. I am wondering if there is any calibration or configuration that needs to be done after replacing the encoder reader, strip or cable. I know that there is a chance that the motor is going bad but I’m hesitant because it seems to move smoothly and properly while restoring the home position when turning the machine on. There are no weird noises from it. I don’t want to spend 800 on a new motor until we are certain that it’s the problem. Thank you so very much for any and all help with this problem!

Have you checked if there is relative displacement between the motor and the timing wheel? If there is an error here, the longer the time the error will be bigger. Secondly, what is the model of your X-axis motor, and the photo of the drive structure are also important information.