Not serious

Order/Invoice ID: order#10763

Issue Product Name: EM-SMART 20W

Issue Description: No serious after sales. My laser arrive with failure. I made re-expedition by UPS. The parcel is on shangai since 7 days because you don’t do necessary for customs clearance !!!
Not serious

Issue Scenario(Appears on first use OR Appears after a period of use):

Hello Guy,

  1. It’s not your fault, sincerely apologize for keeping you waitting.

  2. We know how important Christmas events are to you. Once received the machine, we will check and maintain immediately. Again, sincerely apologize.

Our local UPS told me the parcel is expected to arrive at our warehouse on the beginning of next week.

Please kindly wait.

Any help, please feel free to contact us!

Nice day and stay safe!