New Cloudray 50W Fiber Laser - Low Power

Order/Invoice ID: amazon Id. 112-1490135-5355465

Issue Product Name:LiteMarker Fiber Marking Machine

Issue Description: Fiber Laser

:I just received my new 50 watt fiber laser from cloudray (usa?). I followed the setup instructions provided on the flash drive and watched setup on youtube but can’t seem to get any power. I’ve focused following youtube directions and can’t get any noise out of the laser even at 95% power and very little marking. I also tried some vectors on a card at 95% and even after 5 passes I only see a slight trace on one of the provided card blanks. I only have a couple of weeks to return this purchase to amazon but I would love to get this corrected and save the inconvenience. Many Thanks

Sorry sir, because your laser was not purchased on the official website, we can’t help you solve this problem, you can contact amazon for some help.

You can provide your WhatsApp or email and I will help you contact them.