EM-smart red laser very dim. Not bright enough

Having trouble with the red laser. Can’t see it because it’s too dim. What setting or needs replacement?
The preview red laser to be more clear.
Any input is greatly appreciated.

Hello sir. We will handle it for you, can you provide your order number?

Unfortunately I bought it through aliexpress
But it’s Branded as cloudray EM-smart

Hello sir
You can contact AliExpress, and they will have dedicated service personnel responsible for you. Because we are two independent platforms, we can’t find any of your order information here. If there is any return or exchange in the follow-up, we have no right to deal with you directly. It will be more convenient for you to contact customer service through AliExpress. If you buy on the official website in the future, we will have a very complete after-sales service.
Have a good day!

I did contact through aliexpress and your coworker contacted me. Enclosed is my Aliexpress contact screenshot

Thank you for your email by the way.

Okay, hope everything goes well.