Leetra controller to RuiDa upgrade

I am about to upgrade a Leetra MPC6565 controller to a newer model RuiDa controller. I am new to laser controllers and I see several models of RuiDa controllers. 6445,6442,6432 along with ‘G’ or ‘S’ extensions. I would be grateful for any information about the differences between the various models and what the extensions refer to. I did find the link below and a few others. However nothing yet addresses the differences and I do want to make an informed decision before making a purchase.
Thank you kindly for any help! :slight_smile:


I may have found the information I was looking for. However if anyone has upgraded Leetra to RuiDa and have any experience/comments to share (problems they may have encountered and solved) that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ruida S or Ruida G? : Ruida S can connect to two laser heads
  • RDC6445: this 6th generation controller has a very large screen, and manages 4 axes.
  • RDC6432: this version manages 3 axes only.
  • RDC6442: 4 axes, and a small 3.5-inch colorful screen
  • RDC6344: this has a touch screen and manages 4 axes.

This was helpful. Thank You Kindly!!