K40 upgrade to Rd6432 help

I have a new redsail k40 type co2 40watt. I have purchased a new Rd6432. I am looking for help in connecting new controller to the laser power unit my jg 40 watt. Any help exact diagrams would be great. Not good with wires ect. But learning thanks


Hello,wallyhering,This is the wiring diagram I found.
I want to know your original board model.
If your control board is LiHuiyu, you need to buy a driver separately

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I am not sure what main board it was and I don’t know how to post a photo on here can I have an email address please so as to forward photos.
As for drivers do you mean stepper drivers and if so I have them

You can post photos here.

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You can post photos here.




Hi the original board is a “lihuiyu studio labs HT-MASTER-9”