Laser is all over the place at times

Order/Invoice ID:12291

Issue Product Name:50w JPT Fiber Laser

Issue Description: When lasering on the business cards or anything else, the laser will get erratic at times thus ruining the job.

Issue Scenario(Appears on first use OR Appears after a period of use): Since I completed putting everything together a few days ago, I have been getting unusual behavior in the laser mark whether it be text created in EZCad or a shape.

Here is what I believe is a symptom while watching the outline of a simple square. You will notice the glitch in the laser in a couple of spots in the video.
Laser glitch

Here you can see the result in text that was created…
Google Photos

I purchased a second lens to see if that makes any difference, and the issue is still there.

Thanks for contacting Cloudray Customer Support Center. This is steven.Can you provide the nameplate of the machine? we will assist you with any question concerning our products

Hello sir,Please confirm that your settings are correct.

After the settings are correct, I recommend taking the bottom line and eliminating distractions.

Hi Steve, when you say “ I recommend taking the bottom line and eliminating distractions.". I am not sure what you mean. That looks like a ground connection, what would you connect it to?

Hi Steve, I made sure the laser had a good ground as here in the US as you know, we have a Main, Neutral and Ground coming from the plug it is plugged into.

Here is a pic of the laser configuration screen, nothing was changed from what Cloudray sent me.

Steve, I changed to the IPG-YLP Fiber type and ran test again and am getting the same results.

Please don’t worry, we have arranged engineers to help you solve this problem.

Hello Sir,I want to confirm first whether it is caused by strong interference, whether there is a high-power device next to the machine.

There is only my Dell Laptop, of which I moved it as far away from it as I can…

We feel sorry that there are some problem with your laser. I have reported this issue to Cloudray Customer Support Center. We will do returns and exchanges for you.Please check our

Hi Seven, is just an email address. Do you want me to send an email? Not sure what you want me to do…

Cloudray after-sales staff emily has contacted you, have you received the email?

Hi Austin, I have not heard from Emily yet…


Maybe in spam, you can check again.

Hi Austin, Emily did reply…

To anyone that can help. I have been trying to reach out to Emily who helped me in the purchasing of my Fiber Laser. I have tried to get a hold of her since Feb 16th and haven’t heard back. She said that she was going to send a replacement galvo head and control board, but I have not got any status on that since then. Any help in this matter is appreciated.


Please don’t worry, I have contacted emily and she has emailed you.

Hi I have sent Emily an email explaining the my 50w fiber laser was not fixed with the Galvo head and board that was sent to me. Please look at those emails that I sent…

Thanks Monte