How to Do Daily Maintenance for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

With the continuous development of the laser industry. More and more fiber laser equipment appears in people’s life and work. Maintain a leading market share and serve the global industry. Any equipment has a certain loss rate, so does the fiber laser cutting machine. If you don’t do maintenance in daily use, even if you buy a good machine, its service life will be greatly reduced as the price rises. The correct maintenance method of fiber laser cutting machine is the key factor to maintain its good performance and prolong its service life.

The following FORSUN CNC summarizes the daily maintenance guidelines for fiber laser machines, this guide will reference the benefits of preventative maintenance, where to clean on a fiber laser, resources to utilize for maintenance.

Detailed precautions for fiber laser cutting machine

1.It is strictly forbidden to turn on the machine without grounding. The grounding of all parts of the machine must be completely reliable to prevent static electricity from hurting people.

2.After each startup, you must check whether the submersible pump is out of water. If there is no water, it is strictly prohibited to start work.

3.Ensure that the circulating water has a moderate water temperature, and the water quality is dry and free of debris (purified water is recommended). Regularly replace the circulating water (15-30 days).

4.Protect the lens and maintain: blow off the float on the surface of the component, and clean the lens with anhydrous industrial alcohol and acetone.

5.The power of the dedicated voltage stabilizer equipped with the laser cutting machine is twice the power of the laser.

6.It is strictly forbidden to place flammable and explosive materials near the laser machine equipment to prevent fire or injury.

7.During the working process of the machine, the operator is forbidden to leave without authorization to avoid unnecessary losses.

8.Non-professionals are strictly prohibited to disassemble the machine without authorization to avoid accidents.

9.Untrained personnel is prohibited from using laser cutting machines.

10.During the working process of the machine, the operator must observe the working conditions of the machine at any time (such as impervious cutting, slagging, burrs, the abnormal sound of the machine, water temperature of the circulating water, etc.).

11.The environment where the machine is located is free of pollution, strong electricity, strong magnetism, and other interference and influence.

12.If the machine breaks down or a fire occurs, please cut off the power immediately.
Tips: The user must strictly abide by the above items to avoid personal injury or damage to the machine.