CW5200 temperature setting related issues

  1. CW5200 recommends that the water temperature be set at 25°C (the factory default is 25°C)
    Supplement: CW3000 has no cooling function, and the temperature is similar to the ambient temperature (low ambient temperature is low, high ambient temperature is high)
  2. The lowest working water temperature that CW5200 can reach depends mainly on the power and performance curve of the equipment (recommended within the range of 5 to 35 degrees)
  3. CW5200 can be set to a minimum of 1 degree, which can be reached under no load. How much the cold water can drop and the cooling speed need to refer to the load; if only the water cooler circulates by itself, the water temperature can drop to 5 degrees.
  4. Usually the water level is within the green range (normal water level area), the yellow range is too full, and the red area belongs to the low water level area (refilling water to the normal water level)
    Half the water level of the water tank is roughly displayed in the center of the red area.