Common troubleshooting of chillers

Teyu chiller thermostat has alarm function, take CW-5000 series chiller as an example.
When the temperature controller panel of the chiller displays an E1 over-temperature alarm, it may be that the temperature of the environment where the chiller is used is too high; it is recommended that the customer can improve the ventilation to ensure that the chiller’s operating environment is below 40 degrees.
There are many reasons for the E2 code (high water temperature alarm) displayed on the thermostat panel of the chiller. The following points are summarized:
Reason 1: The air filter of the chiller is blocked and the heat dissipation is poor; solution: the customer regularly removes the air filter for cleaning;
Reason two: poor ventilation at the air outlet or inlet; solution: the customer ensures that the air outlet and inlet of the chiller are ventilated smoothly;
Reason 3: The voltage is seriously low or unstable; Solution: The customer can improve the power supply line or use a voltage stabilizer;
Reason 4: Improper setting of thermostat parameters; Solution: It is recommended that customers can reset the control parameters or restore the factory settings;
Reason five: The chiller is frequently switched on and off; it is recommended to ensure that the chiller has enough cooling time (more than five minutes);
Reason 6: Overheating load; Solution: Customers can reduce the heat load of the chiller, or choose a model with a larger cooling capacity.
E4 room temperature sensor failure alarm, E5 water temperature sensor failure alarm, E6 water flow alarm
When the special domain CW-3000 water cooler alarms, the red light on the panel will be on and the buzzer will sound. There are many factors that cause this situation: Reason 1. The cooling water circulation circuit is blocked, the solution: use a blowing tool to blow the water circuit , Then, change the water. Cause 2. Water shortage alarm, solution: add cooling water to the water tank, please make sure that the cooling water level is in the green area of the water level gauge. Cause 3. Circulating water pump failure, solution: please contact the manufacturer to replace the circulating water pump. Reason 4. The cooling water temperature exceeds 60 degrees. Reason analysis and solutions: The location of the special area chiller may not have a good heat dissipation effect or the ambient temperature is too high. Please ensure that the location of the chiller is ventilated, dry, and away from other heat sources. In addition, the air outlet at the back of the machine is more than 30CM away from the obstacle, and the air inlets on both sides are more than 10CM away from the obstacle.