Common fault treatment of industrial chiller

The main function of the water chiller is to cool the water and liquid in the working host to keep it within a certain temperature.

Regarding the handling of common problems of industrial water chillers, please see the table below.

Serial number Failure phenomenon Contributing reasons Approch
1 The power light does not light up The equipment is not powered or the circuit breaker is not turned on Check the power supply or push on the air switch
the wire is not connected properly Check the wires and connect them
the power indicator is damaged Replace indicator
2 The refrigeration compressor does not start The power switch is not turned on or the circuit is faulty Check the power switch, electrical components, wiring
the power supply voltage is too low Measuring voltage
the refrigerant is under low pressure protection See refrigerant low pressure alarm for details
the compressor is damaged or overloaded Update compressor or check current
3 Fan does not run Fan motor loss ring Update motor
refrigerant high pressure has not reached the set value Check if the refrigerant high pressure alarms
4 Refrigerant high pressure alarm (air-cooled type) The ambient temperature is too high Check the ambient temperature and try to reduce the ambient temperature
the fan motor is damaged Update motor
the wind condenser is too dirty Clear wind condenser
the refrigerant is filled too much Excess refrigerant in the archway
5 High pressure refrigerant alarm (water-cooled type) the cooling water temperature is too high Check the cooling water temperature and reduce it to the required range
the cooling water pump is damaged Replace the water pump
the water condenser is too dirty Cleaning the water condenser
he refrigerant is filled too much Exhaust excess refrigerant
the amount of cooling water is small Increase the amount of cooling water
6 Low refrigerant alarm the refrigerant leaks Shut down to check for leaks
the filter drier or the expansion valve is blocked Stop replacement
7 Frozen water outlet temperature is high the high pressure of the refrigerant See the refrigerant high pressure alarm for details
the small water chiller Replace large-size chiller
the leakage or the small amount of refrigerant Check the cause of the leak and fill with refrigerant
8 The pipeline pressure drop is too large The pipeline valve is not fully opened Open the valve
the pipeline resistance is too large Pipeline redesign and installation
the temperature setting is small Repair the pipeline
the evaporator is blocked Reset temperature
9 Chiller frequently trips Bad contactor / bad MCB Replace contactor and MCB
current setting value is too low Reset current
power supply lack of phase Correct wiring
10 Phase sequence light is on the phase sequence of the power supply is reversed, and the neutral line is not connected Adjust the power supply phase sequence wiring

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