CW5200 T-503 thermostat set to constant temperature mode

  1. Hold down the “▲” and “SET” keys simultaneously

  2. Wait until 5, 6 seconds, the interface displays 0

  3. Press “▲” to set the password “8” (factory setting is 8)

  4. Press the “SET” key to enter the menu setting, at this time the interface displays F0

  5. Press the “▲” key to adjust F0 to F3 (F3 represents the control mode)

  6. Press the “SET” key to enter the setting, the interface displays 1

  7. Press “▼” to change “1” to “0” (1 stands for smart mode, 0 stands for constant temperature mode) 8. At this time, the chiller is already in constant temperature mode

  8. Press “SET” to confirm and return to the menu setting

  9. Press “▼” to adjust F3 to F0

  10. Press the “SET” key to enter the set temperature state

  11. Adjust the water temperature to 25°C by pressing “▲” and “▼” (assuming a constant temperature of 25 degrees)

  12. Finally press “RST” to confirm, save and exit