7000+ USD for this?...think this was a big mistake

So today arrived our AR 60W laser which we wanted to setup…but

  1. No Assembly instructions and your videos do not cover the machine
  2. USB Key is dead ( tested on various computers ) so no software either
  3. No manuals or anything included or links to some
  4. Scuffed up base plate
  5. No support reachable via website, email or skype

How do we proceed to send this piece of junk back as this is not what a machine should be delivered with that price. Unacceptable.

Sorry, due to the time difference in China, our after-sales team cannot deal with your problem in time.

This is our product manual (including machine assembly, and software installation)

Ezcad3 Usal Manual

Other problems our after-sales team will solve for you.