My machine does not fire laser

I have a fiber marking 20W laser machine (with EZCAD) that does not fire, when I turn it on the first time it moves but not fire, when I repeat the same job gives me an error message something like system error and does not even move until I turn machine off and back on, what could be the problem?


Hello, thelaserspecialists. There are three possibilities,
1: The USB driver of EZCARD is not installed properly
2: The laser itself is damaged
3: The 24v power supply is damaged

This machine has about 8 months only, how can I test to see what could fix the problem?


I have encountered this problem before.You need to check if the USB driver of EZCARD is installed.

It was working just fine before, can you please send me the latest driver just in case?


Hello,thelaserspecialists.I’m sorry for the late reply, the following is the driver download address:

Hello, I don’t know if you rece3ive my last email, I resinstalled the driver and did not help at all. The laser was working just fine for a while but then started to lose power then it just does not fire at all, please let me know how to fix it, also what is the warranty on this, I just bought it less than one year ago


Hello,thelaserspecialists.Did you buy it from our official website? If so, please give me the order number and I will contact the sales department to check the warranty.

Yes, I have bought it from your website, this is the paperwork they sent me, this is when I bought it but it didn’t arrive until sep or oct

Please let me know


5208 invoice.pdf (34.8 KB)

Any updates about the warranty of my machine?


I am having the same problem. My machine is 6 months old and it was working just fine.
The laser started getting weaker and weaker. Now the laser doesn’t fire.
All other functions are working so I think it’s a software issue.

Any updates on the solution?

No updates. The laser does not work.
It was working just fine and then the laser started getting weaker and weaker until it no longer fires.
All other software functions are ok, just the laser doesn’t fire.

So what do I do then?

I desperately need the machine for my business. It is only 6 months old. How do I get it repaired or replaced under warranty?

Hello,cloudrayeju.Please post a video about your machine.

I am not receiving any help

Please let me know

I need it to be fixed under warranty somebody asked me for paper and send it already

Hi,thelaserspecialists.I’m really sorry, please wait a little longer. I contacted the relevant personnel last week, but they have not yet given a valid reply. I will help you to urge them.

I am getting some help from clara.yin@cloudray now.
Thank you.