The Notice and Operation of YongLi Wire Bonding

The Notice and Operation of Wire Bonding
Statement: 1), This is the advice about the steps of wire bonding from ourcompany, please operate according to the actual condition;
2) ,Risk exists because ofthe high temperature operation, we will not be responsible for any laser tubedamage or other results caused by customers .
3), Paid wire bondingservice is supplied, please inquire if necessary.

  1. Notice
    CO2 laser tube is the vacuum device of glass shell,the material of electrode external part is tungsten,which is hard to be weldedwith soldering. If mishandle during the operation,there will be high voltagearc and electro-discharge,even more serious the laser tube will be broken.Please refer to the followingmethod during the operation:
    1.Before the connection, please clean the clubbedpart of the electrode,burnish away the oxide layer with sandpaper.Then wind theelectrode with conducting thin-wire tightly, selects the soldering iron whosepower below 30 watts, weld for a shorttime on the surface of conductingthin-wire .And weld tightly the positive and negative electrode of poweroutputwith the laser tube, make the surface smooth without burr.Time of welding wireshouldn’t be too long, the temperaturealso shouldn’t be too high.It’s hard to find excess temperaturewhen self testing ,which is easy to cause the crack leakage of tungsten rods.

  2. The electrode rod should be burned together withlaser tube sealing glass shell , be careful to handle with the electrode, wireand wire bonding.Please refer to the way of workers to wind the wire,and make sure it’s tight,avoid the poorcontact.Avoid excessive force, in case of the break.

3.After the positive and negative electrode areconnected on the joint,put them into the 5 cm heat shrink tube or siliconetube, inject the electric insulating sealant into the tube(Such as 704 glue), which can be used after itsolidify.

4.The positive electrode of power output should be connected to the positive electrode of laser tube(Not thelaser output), the negative electrode ofpower output should be connected tothe negative electrode of laser tube(The laser output).Remember don’t go wrong!

  1. The details of wire bonding

Step 1: Cutthe high-voltage line and low-voltage line into desired length.Then use thegripper to cut the port into suitablelength,and drip it with solder.Let the wires have globular solder.Make thefollowing operation convenient.

Step 2: Windthe thin copper wires evenly around the electrode column at the ends of the Co2 laser tubes.Need to windmeticulous,tightly and evenly.

Step 3: Putthe silicone tube (The length is about 5cm)and shrinkable tube(The length isabout 8cm)on the high-voltage line in turn.Only put the shrinkable tube on thelow-voltage line(The length is about 5cm).

Step 4: Use the solder to weld the prepared high-voltageline to the high voltage terminal of laser tube, the time should not be too long, or the laser tube will be damagedand cause the air leakage.Inject 704 glue into the silicone tube about two-thirdsof it ,and put the silicone tube on the electrode column tightly.Then put the shrinkabletube outside of the silicone tube.Heat shrink the shrinkable tube with a heatgun,then finalize the design.

Step 5: Use the solder to weld the prepared low-voltageline to the low-voltage terminal of laser tube(The connection note asabove).Then put the shrinkable tube on the electrode column, handle it with aheat gun.

Step 6: Fix the high and low-voltage line withinsulation tape in place,about 10cm to 20cm inside from the electrode column.