High voltage cable is sparking

Out of the blue there where some sparking noises on the side of the lasermachine. we checked it and took the side panels of and we saw the sparkes flying from the white connector from the high voltage cable to the chassis of the machine. we isolated this connector and put it in the air so the distance was greater to the chassis of the machine. but nbow it sparks at the lasertube on the connectorside of the lasertube, we isolated that also and there are no sparks anymore, but no laserbeam also… its firering but no laserbeam, the little display shows also no Amps when triggering. What can it be? the powersupply or the lasertube? or something else> please advice, thanks in advance

Do you mean that an arc was generated in the laser tube, but no laser beam?
If so, the tube is damaged

Hi thanks for your reply, but no not in the tube but outside on de endcap under the red plastic covercap where the cable is attached to the tube and before I isolated the white connector near the powersupply than it sparked there…